NEW YORK MARATHON – Bloomberg has decided to allow the marathon to take place as scheduled.  It brings in about $345 million.  But many people are saying this is ridiculous as residents in Staten Island, Coney Island, and parts of Manhattan are without homes and food.  Food booths, water and other items will be brought in, roads closed, and even light poles taken down.  Two huge generators will be used and those left homeless by the storm will be kicked out of their hotels to put in the people connected with the marathon.
RED TAPE – Non union gas and electric crews from Alabama were turned away by union workers in New Jersey.  They were called scabs and accused of taking away the union members jobs.  Some of them have returned to their state or are helping in New York.  Non union oil tankers are not allowed to deliver to the East Coast.  But Obama has now waived the Jones Act, ( better late than never?), which was created to ‘protect’ unions. When he promised to cut the red tape, he was acknowledging that government often just stands in the way.

GLENN BECK – Mercury One has delivered truckloads of food to 20 churches in Coney Island and raised about $300.000.  The church leaders said this was the first help they received in these hard hit areas.  People are boarding their homes up and are afraid to venture outside because of the ‘wolf packs’ or gangs of looters.  Where is Obama?  In Las Vegas again?


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