I’ve decided to create a blog to express my views on the election and other things that are going on in the world.  Even though we will vote in only eight days, I’m hoping that even one Obama supporter will read something here that he or she doesn’t know about the president and will keep an open mind.  It is very important that this election is decided by people who know the facts;  voting for the incumbent because you’ve always voted Democrat or because Obama is black is not being responsible.  Yes, it’s great that our country can elect someone of a minority race, but this year so much more is at stake.  Having an opinion on economics, energy, illegal immigration, religious values, and any other political topic is important.  But we are not just choosing a president, we are choosing the direction our country will go in: our way of life, our future as a Republic, and our status as the most exceptional country in the world.  We are fighting for our liberty.


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