You Liberals should read The Amateur it is a book full of people who got obama where he is today. After he Uses them to get what he can out of them they are no longer any use to him and they never hear from him again. These are quotes from these individuals not just the author’s opinion. He got one man to donate money then when asked for a favor o says “Come on, man, you should know better when  politicians make promises.”      The friend of o’s went on to say what you have with barack is a lack of Character.     Saturday Cynthia and I went to a Tea Party Rally and we sang Patriotic songs and said the Pledge of Allegiance. Some people waved American Flags, it was a very High Energy Charged gathering.  When have you ever seen o and his cohorts in a similar ‘ I Love My Country ‘ rally?   Did any of you liberals have the GUTS to go see 2016 there is a lot of info in it you Really Need   to know.  If by chance he does get re-elected ( I Pray to God he Doesn’t ) every time that something we predicted happens, please feel free to come back here and APOLOGIZE.!


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