Obama has convinced Lockheed Martin and other companies to refrain from announcing approximately 120,000 job lay offs until after the election. This is against the 1988 law requiring defense contractors to give employees 60 days notice that they will probably lose their jobs. Of course these companies need the contracts and depend on OB and the government. (Can you say ‘bribery’?) Obama is using the excuse of sequestration coming into play, but conservatives are questioning the legality of this ploy. Obama, himself, had released a press release in 2007 supporting the Act and even suggesting an increase to 90 days. There will be lawsuits of course. But don’t worry, our president has promised that litigation and other fees will be paid by the tax payers. And he doesn’t seem to be worried about all those civilians (most in the swing state of Virginia) who will be out of work. Of course, he’s not worried about those out of work now.


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