David Scheiner was Obama’s doctor for 22 years. He belongs to Physicians for a National Health Program, a far leftwing organization that lobbies for socialized medicine. He’s a severe critic of Obamacare. “He has no cost control.” No general physicians were included on the healthcare team. “To this day he hasn’t communicated with members of Congress”.
Dr. Scheiner wondered why the obese Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin didn’t weigh in on Obamacare. Obama’s ” whole cabinet has been a disappointment. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is a joke”. Barack Obama is detached
:he”lacks passion and feeling and doesn’t have the sense of humanity that I expected”.

Douglas Baird was the Dean of the law school at the University of Chicago. He hired Barack Obama as a Visiting Law and Government Fellow in 1991. Baird says “He was a charismatic figure”. But “it’s quite another thing to be a leader – to hire people, motivate people, and manage decision- making”. I know people in the White house, and I don’t get a sense from my conversations with them that there’s anything in Barack’s experience as a law professor that prepared him for the leadership part of the presidential job.”



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