When President Obama was campaigning in 2008, he said he wouldn’t start ‘illegal wars’. But he never went before Congress to ask for a declaration of war with Libya. He had criticized President Bush for doing the same thing even though the result was the capture of Saddam Hussein. The overthrow of Libya cost our country $1 billion. Donald Trump made the comment that Obama should have said ‘we’ll help you take out Gaddafi. But in exchange you give us 50% of your oil for the next 25 years to pay for our military support. Too bad the White House didn’t have the guts for that. Of course someone would have come up with “Can’t do that. Illegal!’
Then there’s the Sept. 2011 rarely publicized fiasco of the stolen shoulder – fired anti-aircraft missiles. The LEFT LEANING group Human Rights Watch said Obama had refused to provide the proper protection to guard the weapons stockpile. As Robert Spencer of the blog Jihad Watch jokingly says, the Great Libyan Jihadist Garage Sale continues.


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